More model update indications: Tesla Model S filmed with modifications to the front and rear

In the run-up to Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s next public appearance at the announcement of the business figures for 2020 this Wednesday, there are increasing signs that he will also use this opportunity to announce news about the Model S. There has been speculation about a refresh for this outwardly practically unchanged electric car since spring 2016 and has been much more intense since a longer production break for it after Christmas became known. And a YouTuber actually drove several Tesla Model S in front of the camera in the last few days, which do not necessarily show all the upcoming changes, but also speak for an imminent model upgrade.

At least three eye-catching Model S

Right at the beginning of the new year, the YouTube channel The Kilowatts filmed a blue Model S in Palo Alto with the manufacturer’s license plate, which appeared to him to be wider and flatter than in the previously known form; In addition, the moderator recognized a new diffuser at the rear and other rims. In the following days, he regularly drove past the parking lot of the Tesla factory in Fremont, possibly to catch a glimpse of Model Ss with refreshments that had already been produced.

He has not succeeded so far, but as the YouTuber summarizes in a new video, he has seen two more suspicious Teslas on the streets since the beginning of January. Shortly after the discovery of the blue Tesla in Palo Alto, he was met by a black Model S with a larger air opening on the front. A white copy followed a few days later. The Kilowatts noticed a wider fender at the front left, but it did not really fit the door behind it – a possible indication of a prototype or that there is new technology under an old shell that has only been slightly adapted for it. Finally, on Sunday, he came across a black model again (maybe the same as before, maybe not).

This Tesla also had a manufacturer’s license plate, reports The Kilowatts, and thanks to favorable circumstances, including a camera ready to hand, he was able to take a closer look at it. What he noticed about this Model S: a modified front section with a larger opening, a front diffuser that still looked like a prototype, and lower-mounted fog lights, wider tires and fenders with a different camera position, a modified rear bumper, trim strips in black instead of chrome as in Model Y and recently in Model 3 and possibly larger brake discs.

Tesla information expected this week

A refresh of the Tesla Model S is now expected “by everyone”, summarizes The Kilowatts. It is also conceivable, however, that the innovations discovered only affect the extra-fast plaid version, the data of which Tesla presented at the Battery Day in September 2020. It is also still unclear what will happen to the interior of the electric limousine, because the YouTuber could not look inside during his encounters. But something is quite obvious at Tesla – and curious people should find out more about it this week.


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