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The increase is 20%, reports the organization behind NHG.

Anyone who buys a house up to € 325,000 can take out NHG. That costs a one-off amount, but after that you get security in case of job loss, illness or divorce. Any residual debt will then be canceled. Because of this certainty, banks offer a lower interest rate on mortgages with NHG.


First-time buyers on the housing market usually buy less expensive houses. That is why they are often still eligible for NHG. The average selling price of a home in the first quarter of 2021 was € 385,000, according to real estate agency NVM.

In total, 35,000 new guarantees were issued in the first quarter. 24,000 of these were for the purchase of a home. The rest involved, among other things, home improvements that required extra money.

Transfer tax

The increase in the number of NHG mortgages is in line with the increase in home sales. For example, the number of homes sold rose by 29% in the first quarter.

The reduced transfer tax applies from 1 January and an increase in transfer tax from 1 April for young buyers with a purchase price from € 400,000. All of this does lead to a sharp rise in house prices.

Energy saving

Due to the sharply rising house prices, there are currently fewer homes for sale below the NHG limit of € 325,000. An NHG limit of € 344,500 applies to co-financing energy-saving measures.

NHG calls the sharp rise in prices a worrying development. NHG does not want the cost limit to rise too quickly with house prices, because the current method has a stabilizing effect and is less volatile and depends on fluctuating house prices. Of all homes sold below the NHG limit, approximately 70% is taken out with the guarantee.


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