More music choices at Tesla: Hidden menu shows Amazon, Apple, Tidal and more

The Christmas update announced by CEO Elon Musk has only arrived halfway – but the well-known Twitter user @greentheonly has already discovered another surprise in the source code of the current Tesla software that could please many music fans: He found signs that that further streaming services are likely to be integrated into the infotainment of Tesla’s electric cars in the future. In Europe there is so far only Spotify for this, but @greentheonly sees both the music offers from Apple and Amazon and the series test winner Tidal as alternatives.

Listen to music at Tesla’s expense

You can already use other services than Spotify in your own Tesla: this is possible via a Bluetooth connection to the smartphone, the content of which is then played via the audio system on board. But integration with the help of the Tesla software offers much greater convenience. In addition, if you use your smartphone to listen to music while driving, you also pay the data fees for it. In the case of integration, on the other hand, the music files come via the built-in mobile phone card, for which Tesla offers a flat rate without a volume limit.

It remains exciting to see how Tesla will implement the integration. With Spotify for Europe, the functions contained in the Android or Apple app for the service were almost completely transferred to the electric car software. Tidal in particular is relatively little known in Germany so far, but offers 60 million songs and has been praised in comparisons. The random mode also contributes to this, as it finds and plays tracks similar to those currently playing. Music fans also appreciate the high quality of many of the available songs, which is up to 9216 kbps (24 bit, 192 kHz).

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Against this background, it is a good thing that, according to @greentheonly, Tidal should be the first new audio service that Tesla is bringing to its electric cars via an update. According to him, this is supported by the fact that the names of many other music offers can already be seen hidden in the software. Tesla has been working on it for quite a while, he informed, but currently there are innovations, especially in the menus for Tidal. As always, the expert could not say when exactly the introduction could be expected.


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