More rights platform workers | Concerns about inflation | And again Bezos rocket into the sky

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Meal deliverers and other platform employees get more rights and more money. A bill that regulates this will go to the European Parliament and the member states today. At the moment they don’t get anything in case of illness or leave, that will change if they are seen as regular employees. Here we explain clearly how it is now.

Life is quickly becoming more expensive. Inflation is at its highest point in nearly 40 years. Worrying? RTLZ spoke with four economists. “This ECB policy is quite dangerous.”

An icon of France was destroyed by a major fire in 2019. But anything made of stone can be rebuilt. Plans for the restoration of Notre Dame are announced today, with the cathedral reopening in 2024. Donors collected 840 million ekkies.

And again multibillionaire Jeff Bezos launches a rocket for a short-lived polluting pleasure trip. This time Good Morning America presenter Michael Strahan is on board and Laura Shepard Churchley, the eldest daughter of Apoll0 14 astronaut Alan Shepard, also has a seat.

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This piece was the most shared yesterday: The municipality of Landgraaf was allowed to fire an official who regularly sat idle on the side of the road during working hours and sometimes drank a beer. According to the man, he had to kill time because he worked faster than his colleagues.

We think you should also read this: Many young parents are already quietly cheering, because the rumors about free childcare are buzzing. The subject is on the table with the forming parties. But free childcare is not all good news, say experts.

And you may have missed this last night:
The Sagrada Familia is a little further away. The huge star on the second tallest tower of the basilica in Barcelona is illuminated for the first time.

This could come along at the coffee machine:

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ps The new emergency aid for companies is bad news for the economy, writes economist Nora Neuteboom.

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