More than 100 million Tikkies sent this year (and that’s a record)

“Where Tikkie in the early years focused on payments between consumers, Tikkie is now also widely used for business,” says Moreno Kensmil, who is involved in the application on behalf of the bank. Last year, the amount of business paid Tikkies grew by 70 percent to 400 million euros. About 20,000 companies now use Tikkie.

Yet Tikkies are still the most sent to settle food and groceries. Since the foundation of Tikkie, about 5.5 years ago, all together more than 11 billion euros have been paid to Tikkies.

June record

The day with the most Tikkies this year was Monday, June 28, with almost 471,000 pieces. The Friday before that was also very busy.

This may be related to relaxation of the corona measures that were implemented during that weekend. In addition, the Dutch national team played an important football match on June 27, which may also have boosted the amount of Tikkies of people.

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