More than 20,000 people have signed Gordon’s petition

‘We this it!’ writes an enthusiastic Gordon. ‘20,000 signatures in three days ?! Wow! Thank you!’ The singer initially wanted to collect 5,000 signatures, but quickly adjusted his goal to 10,000 when he saw how fast it went. He is now over 20,000.

Gordon wants to hand over the petition to the cabinet. “By presenting the petition, I want to ensure that anonymously responding to internet forums and other social media is no longer possible,” said Goor. He also wants proof of identity to be linked to an account on social media. He also believes that legislation should be introduced around ‘cross-border rulings or inciting hatred against a person or religion’.

The former Topper regularly receives death threats. He therefore already came up with suggestions to ensure that hating and swearing via social media is no longer possible anonymously. In a conversation at Clubhouse, he suggested on Wednesday evening, for example, linking logins to the DigiD or the BSN number of Dutch citizens.

On Thursday afternoon, Gordon started the petition. In addition, he took legal action against sixteen anonymous commenters listed on the website of Press release Have posted hate speech and discriminatory texts about the presenter. The Public Prosecution Service is investigating the case and is looking at whether to prosecute.


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