More than 21,000 speed pedelecs on the road: sales doubled in three years

In the first half of this year, another 3,300 new and used speed pedelecs were purchased, bringing a total of 21,100 of the fast electric bicycles around the Netherlands on 1 July.

This represents a 23 percent increase compared to the previous year, when it involved 17.2 thousand speed pedelecs. The Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) reports this Monday morning.

45 km per hour

Speed ​​pedelec drivers are allowed to drive a maximum of 45 kilometers per hour in our country. Wearing a helmet is mandatory, just like a moped registration plate.

To achieve that speed you have to pedal hard. This means that the speed pedelec is still far behind in popularity compared to mopeds and light mopeds, of which 457,000 and 750,000 respectively drove around last year.

No corona effect

In contrast to other bicycle types such as racing bikes and mountain bikes, no effect of the corona crisis is visible in the purchase figures, according to Statistics Netherlands.

The speed pedelec is just as popular as before the virus outbreak, which stimulated commuting by bicycle and made cycling a more popular outdoor sport.

What is also striking is that companies hardly purchase speed pedelecs. Only 1,600 speed pedelecs (7.6 percent) were registered in the name of a company, compared to more than 19,500 privately owned bicycles.

Elderly people out of town

Electric bicycles are especially popular with people aged 45 to 65 who mainly live outside the city. They account for two thirds of all speed pedelecs. This is considerably less the case for 16 to 35-year-olds: they owned just over 6.7 percent of the speed pedelecs.

The average age of a speed pedelec owner is 51.5 years. That is younger than the owner of a regular e-bike (up to 25 kilometers per hour), which is most popular among people over 65.


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