More used car information: Tesla is expanding information on condition and warranty on the web

Tesla recently made more detailed information on available used vehicles available on its own website for Germany. If you click on “used cars” in the top right corner of the homepage, you will receive a selection of the used and demonstration cars as before. Broken down into the various series, there are currently a relatively large number of used Teslas, some of which have been on the road for a few years or kilometers. And as I noticed towards the end of the week, it has recently been stated, for example, whether they have ever had an accident.

Tesla gives a guarantee up to 20,000 km

Until now, the information available on these vehicles has been significantly limited. You could only see the standard equipment and the number of kilometers. Now Tesla is expanding the information on these used vehicles. The same goes for the guarantee. For example, a 2015 Model S 85D currently available will show on the right-hand side that the limited warranty on the battery and drive unit will end in July 2023. It also states that it has a limited used vehicle warranty for one year or 20,000 kilometers from the date of purchase.

Interested buyers can thus see more easily than before how long Tesla will pay for any damage to the battery or the other drive unit. In addition, there is now information on whether the vehicle has already had to be repaired due to an accident. For the aforementioned Model S 85D, it is reported that this was the case. The repair was carried out according to Tesla specifications and standards. For some Model 3s, the date of first registration is also given, even the current or previous registration number is given.

Lots of Model 3 in Germany

Random research on the Tesla websites in Belgium, Spain and France showed that the additional information can also be found there. It was also noticeable that around three dozen used Model 3s were on offer in Germany, almost all of them in the performance version. Many more Model 3s were also to be found among new cars on Friday, mostly as Standard Plus or Long Range and “on the road”. The next Tesla ship should therefore be near or already there.

New Model S and Model X available at short notice are no longer available as they were since shortly before the refresh announcement at the end of January, but a modest selection of used vehicles, especially the Model S, offered from 37,100 euros (at 118,000 kilometers and with the information “This Vehicle may have small visible defects ”). However, Tesla did not provide original photos of the vehicles on offer, such as those on some free used platforms.


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