Mortgage in corona time: sector presents questionnaire for workers

Can you work from home? Is there a chance that you will have to work fewer hours? Has your holiday pay been lost? How long can you pay the mortgage payments from your financial reserve? These are a number of questions in a uniform questionnaire that the mortgage advice industry presented today.


Not only entrepreneurs are subjected to a stricter banking regime by corona. Many employees who are simply in permanent employment can also count on additional questions when applying for a mortgage. Each bank has its own policy, which was a thorn in the side of mortgage advisers.

A uniform questionnaire has been drawn up together with the National Mortgage Guarantee (NHG), which makes it easier to obtain a mortgage, especially for starters, by providing guarantees.


“The hope is that the entire sector will back this up,” said spokesman Martin Holleman of Adfiz, the industry association of independent financial advisers. The colleagues of the Organization for Financial Service Providers (OvFD) have also joined this.

An important part is that the questionnaire leaves room for customization. As an example, Holleman gives someone who works in the catering industry. Because the catering industry is severely affected by the corona crisis, another questionnaire can make it impossible to apply for a mortgage.

“But if financing is justified in a particular case, then this model offers tailor-made solutions for financing,” he explains.

Banks have little interest

Banks are not obliged to use this uniform questionnaire, but according to the Dutch Banking Association they support the idea of ​​the questionnaire. However, the major banks are not tackling.

For example, ABN Amro announced that it still had the questionnaire under consideration. “We are not using it yet, perhaps in the future,” said spokesperson Karen de Vries.

Rabobank is not interested because the bank does not use a questionnaire at all. However, the corona consequences are discussed during a mortgage interview.

ING and Volksbank

It is not much different at ING. The bank bases itself on an employer statement that cannot be older than two months. During the advisory interview, the financial situation expected in the near future is asked. ING therefore does not consider it necessary to have a uniform questionnaire.

De Volksbank, which provides mortgages with brands such as SNS, ASN and BLG Wonen, could not say whether it will use the uniform questionnaire.


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