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Most Eurovision tickets have been sold, lucky ones are going through the roof

A little while longer, and then the Eurovision Song Contest will start! This year, as you probably know, the musical festival will take place in our country. And that means that many Dutch fans see their chance to be at the Eurovision Song Contest. Ticket sales are therefore extremely popular, and the people who managed to score a ticket are overjoyed.

This is especially evident from Twitter, where people are only too happy to express their joy. “Dear people, my day cannot go wrong because luckily I managed it: I HAVE TICKETS FOR THE SONG FESTIVAL SEMI-FINALS”, writes someone who is very enthusiastic.

Ticket for Eurovision Song Contest

It is not surprising that people are over the moon with a ticket for the Eurovision Song Contest. There may be ‘only’ 3500 people present per show. And initially only people who already had a ticket for last year’s canceled edition can buy a ticket for this year. When it is their turn, the people who did not have a card for last year can give it a try.

At the end of last month, the cabinet gave permission for a Fieldlab experiment during the Eurovision song contest. The 3,500 people allowed to attend per show is less than a quarter of the normal capacity of Rotterdam Ahoy.

From 44 to 249 euros for a seat during the shows

At the beginning of this year, the organization of the Eurovision Song Contest decided to set up the Green Room on the arena floor. That made a big dent in the number of tickets, which was drastically reduced. There are no pitches. The people who already have a ticket paid between 44.75 euros and 249.75 euros. For the lowest amount you will get a place on the second ring during the rehearsal, the most expensive ticket will get you a place on the first ring during the grand final.

And with a spot for the semi-finals, fans are (understandably) very happy:

Corona rules during Eurovision Fieldlab

But the Eurovision Song Contest will not be a completely carefree celebration for visitors. They have to adhere to strict rules. For example, everyone must show a negative coronate test result that is not older than 24 hours upon arrival. Visitors also receive health questions in advance via a special app. Anyone with symptoms is requested to stay at home. The audience is assigned a seat. A mouth mask is mandatory while walking.

The last remaining tickets are now on sale, but executive producer Sietse Bakker thinks they will be sold out ‘very soon’. “The enthusiasm will be enormous. If you didn’t buy tickets last year, you must be very lucky if you want to be able to get a ticket now. ” Anyone who did have a card last year but misses this time is out of luck. The Eurovision organization is not working on an alternative for that group.

Fortunately, you can also follow it all well from your own bank:

LuckyTV responds to fuss about ‘Piepelientje’ about Bilal Wahib

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Most Eurovision tickets have been sold and the lucky ones are going through the roof


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