Most Influential Investor Bob Homan Shares Tips for New Investors

Smart investing, how do you approach that? Investment expert Bob Homan knows what to do. During the Beursspel Academy, he zooms in on what he believes to be the most important basics for investors in four lessons. In lesson 1, he starts at the beginning: first aid for investors.

Meet Bob Homan. As head of the ING Investment Office, he manages billions of euros of investors. He also started once. Based on his years of experience, he is happy to share some tips that you as a private (starting) investor should keep in mind. For example, the stock market expert – and most influential investor of 2020 – explains that investing is more than just looking at the price.

The Stock Market Game, investing for beginners

Making the step to the trading floor can be exciting. If you would like to practice first and apply the tips of Bob and other experts, then the RTL Z Beursspel is for you. Get €100,000 in play money and learn to invest by trial and error. You will still have access to your wallet after the official playing period. This way you can prepare yourself for investing with your own money until you are really ready.

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The RTL Z Beursspel will be played from Monday 1 November to Friday 10 December. Registration is already possible now and during the entire playing period.

RTL Z Stock game

Play the RTL Z Stock Game

In the RTL Z Beursspel you get acquainted with the operation of the stock exchange in a playful way. With a fictitious starting capital of 100,000 euros, you can trade in various products. And you have a chance to win great prizes for six weeks. You can participate via

The RTL Z Beursspel is a collaboration with ING Sprinters.

Between Monday September 26 and Friday October 22, RTL Z broadcasts the Beursspel Academy 4 times a day. Get to grips with investing and soon take the first steps on the stock exchange floor.


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