Most of the Dutch think traveling with a health passport is a good idea | To travel

Many European countries are considering the possibility of allowing people with a health passport to travel freely within the European Union again. 72 percent of Dutch travelers are in favor of such a health passport, according to a survey by


It also appears that 66% are more likely to book a flight, if such a passport is actually issued for tourists who can prove that they have been tested negative, have been vaccinated, or have antibodies against COVID-19. When asked whether a health passport violates privacy, 68% of the respondents indicate that this is not the case.


Of the respondents, 10% say they have already been vaccinated and 74% say they intend to be vaccinated. Finally, 53% indicate that they will not book a flight again until they have been vaccinated.

Summer vacation

At the moment, more than 27% of the bookings concern a trip during the summer period, compared to 16% normal. 90% of the bookings have a European destination compared to 79% in base year 2019.


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