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The future belongs to the young professionals in Germany – and with the future there will also be new demands on working life and employers. A job in the automotive industry is therefore no longer the dream of many young professionals. Instead, it is the large IT companies like Google that are particularly attractive. This is the result of the Young Professional Survey 2020 by the management consultancy Universum.

For the first time, in the annual survey, an IT company is at the top of the ranking among young professionals with a degree in economics. Previously, only automotive companies had been on the podium here for ten years. According to the survey, the automotive industry is not only losing popularity among economists, but also among engineers, computer scientists and natural scientists.

The top 5 employers for economists, engineers, computer scientists and natural scientists.

The top 5 employers for economists, engineers, computer scientists and natural scientists.

Young Professional Survey 2020

Porsche can still hold onto second place in economics. This is followed by the Lufthansa Group. Google is also the number one contact point for computer scientists, followed by Microsoft and Apple.

The big automakers only remain favorites among engineers. Porsche, BMW, Audi and Daimler-Benz are clearly losing points in the survey, according to the press release from Universum. The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft is particularly popular with natural scientists and has improved by four places compared to last year. The Max Planck Society behind it also improved by three places.

But what do young professionals expect from their future employers? The survey also comes to interesting results here.

Young Professional Survey 2020

The most important thing in all areas is an attractive base salary in order to establish a secure financial environment. Flexible working conditions follow in second place in all professional fields except natural sciences. A healthy balance between the private environment and work is also important to many of the young professionals.

Computer scientists, economists and engineers find that it can be a little higher in terms of income. Only the natural scientists step out of line again here. Instead, secure employment and the promotion of future training courses are more important to them.

In the survey this year, it could also be observed that the respondents indicated more and more employers where they could imagine working later. This suggests that the competition between companies for the best talent will continue to increase in the future.

For the Young Professional Survey 2020, a total of 14,220 German workers under 40 years of age with one to eight years of professional experience after graduation were surveyed between October 2019 and April 2020.

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