Most stolen models in 2019: These were the darlings of car thieves

Most stolen cars: These are the favorites of the thieves

Car thieves stole more than 14,000 cars in Germany in 2019. The most popular was not a premium, but a Japanese brand. With the models, however, a high-quality SUV was ahead. thieves did last year 14,229 fully insured cars stolen and thus an economic one damage in the amount of almost 280 million euros caused. According to the theft report of the German Insurance Association (GDV), that was five percent fewer cars than a year earlier, the insurance benefit stayed with 19,600 euros per stolen item (minus one percent) but almost the same. (Read here what is insured against a car theft.)

Not surprisingly SUVs preferred – this is what the thieves have in common with German car buyers. However, anyone who assumes that products from (German) premium manufacturers such as Porsche, Mercedes, Audi or BMW are particularly popular with criminals is wrong. Instead, mainly cars from Toyota and its luxury sister company Lexus were stolen, five model series from the Japanese are represented in the top ten. Also noticeable: The thieves stole fewer new cars and instead more vehicles that were two to three years old. “The efforts of the car manufacturers to make their keyless entry systems more secure are clearly paying off,” said GDV managing director Jörg Asmussen. With somewhat older models, however, this keyless technology based on radio chips can still be levered out relatively easily. You can find out which were the ten most stolen model series of 2019 in the picture gallery!


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