Motorcycle classics: choppers, bobbers, cruisers, dirt trackers and more

The longing for technology that you can understand and master. And the love of shapes that are reminiscent of the blissful days of unfiltered motorcycling. Both fuel the enthusiasm for “Neo Classic Bikes”, which almost every manufacturer has in their range today.

A huge market that doesn’t end with machines: “Today, every new bike has the right clothing,” says Daniel Dimpker, head of the motorcycle lifestyle shop Helmets, trousers, boots, jackets – he alone has more than 80 brands in his range.

Title AUTO BILD motorcycle 02-2022

Available now: the new AUTO BILD MOTORRAD!

In addition, there are the in-house collections of manufacturers such as Harley-Davidson and Triumph, who, like BMW Motorrad, meticulously maintain their model history. And diligently help yourself there: The motor culture heritage (“Heritage”) inspires the designers to new editions.
Yesterday’s look, today’s technology: Electronic riding modes and navigation via app also work with teardrop tanks and spoked wheels.

This is how the retro classes differ

Brand new classic bikes are not that easy to tell apart. The main differences can be seen in the silhouettes. AUTO BILD MOTORRAD shows seven examples!


Harley Davidson Street Bob 114

Factory chopper looks are available at Harley-Davidson with and without chrome. The US manufacturer classifies the two-seater Street Bob 114 as an “authentic stripped bobber”.

Harley Davidson Street Bob

The Street Bob is available with and without

vehicle data
displacement 1868cc
perfomance 70 kW (95 hp)
Price from 15,495 euros

Cafe Racer

Kawasaki Z900 RS Cafe

The Kawa Z1 was the “King of Cool” of the 1970s. The Z900 RS brings them back to life. As the Z900 RS Cafe, it drives up with a stylish half-shell. Silky-smooth in-line four-cylinder, upbeat three-tone paintwork. The performance version also has a titanium rear silencer from Akrapovic.

vehicle data
displacement 948cc
perfomance 82 kW (111 hp)
Price from 12,295 euros


Indian Chief Dark Horse

Indian celebrates its 100th anniversary with a new trio of Chiefs: Dark Horse, Bobber Dark Horse and Super Chief Limited. Same Thunderstroke engine, but different colors and attachments – e.g. B. High handlebars, flat handlebars, windshield. Seat height 660 mm, over 300 kilos driving weight, smartphone network including navigation system.
Indian Chief

Indian treats itself to a new chief trio for its 100th anniversary.

vehicle data
displacement 1890cc
perfomance 79 kW (107 hp)
Price from 17,990 euros


Hyosung GV 300S Aquila

Flat handlebars, shortened forks, wide tires, almost completely matt black, only 710 mm seat height – the South Koreans are doing a lot right with the new big sister of their 125cc Aquila. 60° V2 engine with water cooling and Euro 5 basis. As an alternative to the short bench, there is a long one for two people.

vehicle data
displacement 296cc
perfomance 21.6 kW (29 hp)
Price from 4799 euros


BMW R nineT

The heritage era at BMW Motorrad began with it in 2013. The R nineT is available in different versions. All carry the old 1200 GS boxer between the wheels, air-cooled of course. 116 Nm, over 200 km/h top speed. Easy to convert thanks to the four-part frame, lots of accessories. Factory customizing (option 719).
BMW R nineT

All BMW R nineT carry the old 1200 boxer
GS between the wheels.

vehicle data
displacement 1170cc
perfomance 80 kW (109 hp)
Price from 15,900 euros


Leonart Motors Tracker 125

Spanish design, built in China. Beefy knobby tires on 17″ wheels, 850 mm seat height, red mono shock absorber, aluminum swingarm, stainless steel muffler, robust single-cylinder engine (Yamaha license) with five gears and 8.6 Nm at 7500 rpm. Guaranteed rare. Dealer search via

vehicle data
displacement 125cc
perfomance 8 kW (11 hp)
Price from 3599 euros


Triumph Scrambler 1200 XE Steve McQueen Edition

First 007, now Steve McQueen: Triumph launches the next Scrambler special model, loosely based on the 1963 film “Bracked Chains”. Green tank, brushed knee pads, hand painted gold trim, brown seat. Limited to 1000 pieces worldwide.

Scrambler Steve McQueen Edition

Triumph launches the next Scrambler special model.

vehicle data
displacement 1200cc
perfomance 66 kW (90 hp)
Price from 14,550 euros

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