Motorcycle driving license: what you should know about a bike driving license

If you want to drive a motorized two-wheeler, you need it Motorcycle license. Some come costs and exams towards the new biker. In addition, you should weigh up which one before registering with the driving school motorcycle-Class you want to ride, because not every bike can be ridden with every driver’s license. AUTO BILD provides all information about the motorcycle license!

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Motorcycle license: current status of the regulations

The current Motorcycle license class A has – just like the car driver’s license – a Expiry Date: A new driver’s license is required every 15 years. In addition, all must in future before 19th January 2013 issued documents can be exchanged for the new EU driving license. January 19, 2033 is the last deadline for this, but depending on the year of birth and issue, some bills may be exchanged earlier. the Deadlines correspond to those of the car driving license. Warning: the first Exchange period already ends on January 19, 2022! The exact dates can be found here. the costs for the new document amount to around 25 euros. The current biometric passport photo is not included. For the exchange the old driver’s license, the biometric photo and the identity card or passport are required. For driving licenses that were issued before 1999, you need a copy of the file from the driving license office. Another Driving test or one Health examination every 15 years does not exist.
Since 1st November 2020 can you do the Exam for the A2 driving license on a motorcycle with 250 cubic centimeters Discard cubic capacity, at least before that 395 cc prescribed, the driving school motorcycle had to be between 27 and 48 hp Afford. But many are irritating Two-wheeler in this vehicle class the performance limit not at all, even have respect for 48 hp. So the current EU rule does that Motorcycling more attractive. However, driving schools also have to buy new machines.

How much does a motorcycle license cost?

As with Car driver’s license the cost of the Motorcycle license from different items together. To the registration in driving school and the exercise materials come Eye test, First aid course and the fees for that theoretical exam. Once the theory is off the table, hit Practice drives, Special trips and finally the practical exam to book. Last but not least, you have to Passport photos and the Exhibit of the driver’s license must be paid for by the authority. Because practice and special trips from federal state, Driving school and Study progress depend on the learner driver, the final amount can only be roughly estimated. on 1250 until 1750 Euros can be obtained under the most favorable circumstances. Are at least realistic 2000 Euro. Since January 1, 2021 the “optimized practical driving test” (OPFEP) applies. It is intended to help reduce the risk of accidents for novice drivers. The tasks for the examinee are explained more clearly than before, the examiner evaluates digitally by awarding points and a traffic light system. The exam is followed by a Feedback discussionwhich is intended to show the student their strengths and weaknesses regardless of whether they have passed the exam. But: With the new examination regulations rise the costs. In the driving license classes A2 and A. that means an investment of 146.56 euros instead of the previous 118.30 euros. In classes AM and A1 you have to 116.93 euros instead of the previous EUR 89.44.
Intensive driving school

The first driving lesson is a challenge. This applies to all types of two-wheelers.

How long does the education last?

Average 20th until 30 driving hours the practical training takes. They come first Practice hours: Here the learner driver should familiarize himself with the functions and driving characteristics of the motorcycle. The Accelerate, brake, evade, drive at walking pace, drive in a circle, slalom and starting on an incline belong to. Driving instructors often start working with their students on training grounds. Then twelve follow Compulsory lessons including special trips to which Freeway-, Overland and Night drives counting. The law stipulates three hours of 45 minutes at night or dusk, five hours of 45 minutes on country roads and four hours of 45 minutes on the motorway. The theory consists of twelve plus four additional hours. On so-called Exam drives the learner driver can finally work on weaknesses with his instructor before the practical test. Driving schools usually go flexible on the progress as well as the time options of your students and summarize, for example, several motorway journeys. From the Dexterity of the examinee depends on whether the training for Motorcycle license lasts six weeks, or rather six months.

How do I find the right motorcycle driving school?

When choosing the Driving school should be personal preferences consider. friends and Known can often help with tips and contacts. The Internet or that Business directory help too. Basically you should get one on site own impression get to know the driving instructor and take a close look at the vehicles.

How quickly can I get a motorcycle license using a crash course?

A AUTO BILD test revealed in 2017 that it is possible to use the Motorcycle license in five days close. But that is an act of strength! And that is a bargain Crash course also not: despite only 14 driving hours stood at the end 1542 euros on the bill.

BMW R nineT Urban G / S

Anyone who wants to move a machine like the BMW R nineT needs a class A driving license.

Which motorcycleAre there any driving license classes?

The class A. is the driver’s license for the big machines. More precisely: You can use it to drive two-wheelers and combinations with no engine capacity limit and no speed limit. class A2 valid until 35 kW / 48 PS and one Ratio of power to weight of a maximum of 0.2 kW / kg. This means that the A2 machine must weigh at least 175 kilograms. A1 is the driver’s license for Light motorcycles with a maximum of 11 kW and 125 ccm as well as three-wheel vehicles up to 15 kW. AT THE is the 50 class. Scooters, mopeds and mokicks are included – if they are at most 50 cc Have cubic capacity and at most 45 km / h are fast. Small electric scooters, Cycles with electric auxiliary motors up to four kW power and 45 km / h top speed, three-wheeled Mopeds and four-wheeled Light vehicle up to 350 kilograms (for e-vehicles without the weight of the batteries) are also included.

Motorcycle classes: who is allowed to drive which motorcycle?

the Scooter class AM is mobile from 16 years. The same goes for the class A1 such as 125cc machines. at A1 driving licensethat after the 19th January 2013 issued is the classic restriction on 80 km / h reserved for drivers under 18 years of age. For this, the prescribed Maximum output of eleven kW at 125 ccm and that Power to weight ratio strictly controlled from 0.1 kW / kg. With 18 years can the driver’s license A2 including theoretical and practical exams.
Some beginners want to ride their dream bike right from the start, and leave it to the legislature for A2 specified maximum performance throttle. However, you must note that, with one exception, due to local Grandfathering regulations the bike maximum 70 kW power may have. Specifically, this concerns holders of an A2 driving license issued between January 19, 2013 and the day before the publication date of the eleventh amendment regulation in the Federal Law Gazette (December 27, 2016). Within Germany, you are also allowed to drive throttled motorcycles with an output of 35 kW, the output power of which exceeds 70 kW. To two years A2, the legislature allows promotion to the class A.. Hurdle: another practical test. If you want to drive the big machines right away, you have to at least 24 years be old. at three-wheeled Vehicle with more than 15 kW the minimum age is 21 years.
Interesting note on the side: A sidecar is not counted as an independent vehicle. Multi-lane is only available in a motor vehicle when two wheels are mounted on an axle. Therefore the Motorcycle license classes also for bikes with sidecars.
driver's license

An existing car driver’s license can be useful when acquiring a motorcycle license.

How does the car driver’s license help Motorcycle license?

An existing one Car driver’s license can at Acquisition of the motorcycle license bring advantages. Mopeds with a displacement of just 50 cubic centimeters, so-called 50s, all drivers are allowed to drive without a test. People who have their car driver’s license between the April 1, 1980 and the January 18, 2013 can also be purchased with three-wheeled Motor vehicles up to 15 kW (20 PS), small so-called “trikes”, in road traffic. Motorists who Class 3 before the April 1, 1980 may have been issued automatically A1 drive and need for A2 just one practical Driving test. Since January 1, 2020 Holders of a car driver’s license can apply for a driver’s license B196 acquire. So they are allowed to 125cc motorcycles drive – provided they are at least 25 years old, have had a driver’s license since five years and have at least four theory– such as five practical driving lessons completed. In addition, the Experience behind the Cartax to a lower number of theoretical driving lessons. And who, for example, already two years a motorcycle license A1 has and now A2 just need one more practical test lay down. Before being admitted to the test, however, the driving instructor must convince himself of the candidate’s ability.

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More tips on the net

The internet search term “Motorcycle license” brings in connection with Berlin, Munich, Hamburg or many other city names a variety of Driving school contactswith which the motorcycle license can be planned. In addition, one can take the theoretical driving test on-line study. The exam has been taking place since 2010 under supervision at the PC instead of. Hence, it is a good idea to focus on the situation at home on the computer or on mobile device prepare.

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