Motorcycle innovations 2022: the hottest new bikes

in the late autumn traditionally there are plenty hotter motorcyclenew hits to discover. You will be in Milan at the leading industry fair EICMA presented. After a coronaconditional Compulsory break found the European BikeMecca Will take place again in 2021.
AUTOMOBILE IMAGE MOTORCYCLE has stood out from the bulk of the news hottest new motorcycles picked out. These motorcyclenew hits every passionate biker should know. The list starts at Yamaha and ends at Moto Guzzi. Here are the hottest bike innovations for the coming year 2022.
Yamaha XSR900

Visually reminiscent of the 80s: Yamaha is expanding its vintage portfolio with the XSR900.

Yamaha expands its vintage range with the XSR900

Retro is still in trend with motorcycles. So it’s no wonder that Yamaha his offer with the new XSR900 expanded. The beautiful one Japanese has been compared to its predecessor optically clear modified and is now fit for Euro 5. The exterior was inspired by legendary Yamaha machines from the 70s and especially the 80s Years. Maybe essential technical novelty is the Aluminum frame, which significantly increase the longitudinal, transverse and torsional rigidity and thus for more Driving stability and better dynamic talent should take care. Of the Three-cylinder the XSR900 comes on 899 Cubic centimeter Displacement and perform 119 PS. away May 2022 the XSR900 is expected to be available from the dealer. The final Prices are not confirmed yet.
Kawasaki Z650RS

Kawasaki has redesigned the sporty Z650. The Z650RS comes in a modern-classic look and has 68 hp.

Stylish middle class: the new Kawasaki Z650RS

Aesthetes also get at Kawasaki 2022 neat something to see. The new Middle classbeauty the green one is called Kawasaki Z650RS. It is based on the Z650 and perform 68 PS. Optical Idol is the Z650RS of the same name from the year 1977. The Japanese want the Z650RS as a small sister Understand the Z900RS, which AUTO BILD MOTORRAD has already been able to test extensively. The liquid-cooled, 649 Cubic centimeter size Two-cylinder the Japanese is a easier to turn Journeyman. If necessary throttles the Kawasaki partner A2compliant 48 PS (35 kW). With the technology taken over from the sporty sister Kawasaki Z650, the new Kawa should not only look good, but also appealing dynamic talent bring along. Combined with a relaxed Sitting position this machine could be an exciting one mixture from “robbing curves” and “cruising to the ice cream parlor in the sunshine”. away center December 2021 should the new Kawa be at the dealer. The prices start at 7995 Euro.

The GSX-S1000 GT is the high-speed touring motorcycle from Suzuki

Suzuki has based on the GSXS1000 be ready touring Bike presented with matching cladding, the GSX-S1000 F. 2022 comes the sister GSXS1000 GT with extended Disguise and Long distance orientation. According to the manufacturer, it should be pleasant travel with the performance of a super athlete. The classic one Inline four-cylinder brings it up 152 PS and works with an adjustable Kayabalanding gear and BremboBrakes together. 19th liter Tank volume supposed to be for a big one Range care for. Of the Handlebars moved closer to the driver compared to the sister GSX-F, the Bench is extra thick padded, there is a large one Windbreak and one Cruise control. It is also suitable for drivers with sporting ambitions, for example thanks to bidirectional Quickshifter, so for upshifting and downshifting. That Security package is comprehensive. Price from 14,450 euros.
Triumph Speed ​​Triple 1200 RR

The Triumph Speed ​​Triple 1200 RR appears with its retro fairing as a classic cafe racer.

Triumph gives the Speed ​​Triple 1200 RR a touch of nostalgia

Of the RunOffshoot the Triumph Speed ​​Triple RS is called triumph speed Triple 1200 RR. The fast British woman will not only go wonderfully with one in 2022 nostalgic breathed Half-shell cladding in the style of a classic Coffee shop Racers at the start. She also features a electronic Öhlinslanding gearwhich can be set at the push of a button while driving. In addition, it monitors the driving behavior of the person in the saddle via a intelligent Measuring unit and adapts automatically to the circumstances. Of the 1160 Cubic centimeter greater Three-cylinder the Speed ​​Triple 1200 RR brings it up 180 PS Power. Overall, the bike bridges the gap between the uncompromisingly sporty Triumph roadsters and the modern classics. The Speed ​​Triple 1200 RR is available from Triumph dealers January 2022 to have and starts at 20,400 euros.
Husqvarna north 901

The Swedish travel enduro Husqvarna Norden 901 should feel at home on gravel roads.

Husqvarna Norden 901: the travel sister from Sweden

The fan of the Swedish motorcycle brand Husqvarna have long on the Travel enduro north 901 waited. It is technically based on the known Sister company KTM 890 Adventure, but impresses with hers optics in the current, Nordic cool Husqvarnastyle. The technical data of the 889 Cubic centimeter huge Two-cylinder do not differ from their Austrian counterparts: They are like the KTM, for example exactly 105 PS. At the landing gear The Norden 901 also picks up on it tried technology from the Corporate shelf return. Adventurous pilots should do the size of Tanks be happy. the end 19th Liters Volume should have a range of around 400 Kilometers result. 204 kilo Empty weight are great for use on gravel roads, im terrain but after a seasoned person behind the handlebars. Of the price will be close to 14,000 euros probably slightly above that of the twin sister of KTM.
Moto Guzzi V100 Mandello

Moto Guzzi celebrates its 100th birthday with the 115 hp V100 Mandello with active aerodynamics.

Moto Guzzi brings the V100 Mandello to the company anniversary

The Italian touring bike specialist Moto Guzzi celebrate the 100. date of birth matching the company, with the brand new Moto Guzzi V100 Mandello. The good-looking Italian is owned by one liquid-cooled V2 driven. He has 1042 Cubic centimeter Displacement and performance 115 PS. The one runs on the left in the swing arm propeller shaft to the rear wheel. Power is transmitted through them. Technically, the ‘Guzzi’ is up to date. She drives among other things CurvesSECTION, four Driving modes and Quickshifter before. Moto Guzzi praises theirs as the big highlight of the V100 Mandello adaptive aerodynamics at. Behind it are hidden on the side of the tank Deflectorsthat automatically adjust to speed and driving mode and the Air pressure to the driver 22nd percent should reduce. To the price the manufacturer did not comment for the time being.

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