Motorcycle season 2022: tips for the start of the season and spare parts

With the nice weather, bikers are drawn to the streets. But before you can have fun at the apex of the curve, you need to take care of your motorcycle! After months in the winter quarters, the bike wants to be woken up carefully: is the battery charged? What about tire pressure and profile? Do repairs have to be carried out on the motorcycle? AUTO BILD MOTORRAD tells you what you can do on the motorcycle yourself and what you should pay attention to when it comes to maintenance.

All motorcyclists need that

Care tricks for every motorcyclist

Electronics in bikes have long been standard. A little maintenance by yourself is important, especially before the start of the season. The fuel supply requires special attention. The rubber intake manifolds age. Small cracks indicate brittle material. The hoses should be searched meticulously and replaced if necessary.
Do-it-yourself maintenance

Are the headlights ok? Everyone can answer this question themselves.

The air filter is almost always hidden under the seat, and replacing it regularly doesn’t cost the earth. Tip: Clean the box at the same time. The chain is best greased with a special spray from specialist retailers. Before your first ride, be sure to check for play in the wheel bearings and swing arm bearings! The best way to do this is to gently shake the jacked-up wheel.

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All information about the motorcycle license

Motorcycle battery: help for the battery

The battery is rather weakly dimensioned in the motorcycle. Therefore, it suffers during the season – and even more so during hibernation. When not in use, a trickle charger keeps the battery alive. If the motorcycle battery needs to be replaced, the question arises as to whether it should be gel, acid or lithium. The correct model depends on the motorcycle.
Check battery

Ideal for the winter: Such a trickle charger cares for the motorcycle battery during breaks in use.

The acid battery is considered cheaper but requires more maintenance. You have to be careful when filling. The sulfuric acid it contains is highly corrosive! A gel battery is almost maintenance-free, but requires the motorcycle’s electrical system to be intact.

If the bike is to be on the road at low temperatures, an AGM battery is recommended. It is considered cold stable. The advantage of a lithium battery is its low weight and extremely high starting current.

Operating fluids: This should be considered during the check

Before the start of the season, it is worth taking a look at the oil level, brake fluid and coolant. Many motorcycles with wet sump lubrication have a sight glass on the engine that can be used to check the oil level. Important: Before the check, warm up the machine briefly and then set it up. Otherwise the oil level says nothing.
Ducati Scrambler

Behind the shift lever is the round window of the Ducati engine for checking the oil level.

If the oil needs to be topped up or replaced, a look at the operating instructions will help. The manufacturer lists the approved oils there. If you move your motorcycle dynamically, you can get advice on special oils from specialist dealers. The brake fluid level is checked in a very similar way: The reservoir is usually located on the handlebars and also has a viewing window with markings. The brake pads are only pressed against the brake discs if there is enough brake fluid!
After all, it is advisable to replace the coolant every two years and to clean the system at the same time.

Motorbike Tires: What do I have to know?

The tires should be checked regularly. With eyes and fingertips it is easy to determine whether the motorcycle tires are damaged and how they are worn. The tread depth gauge knows whether the legally prescribed minimum tread depth of 1.6 millimeters is present. Indicators on the tread of the tires show where to start.
Ducati Scramblep

Such deep-tread tires have been subject to a new winter tire regulation since 2022.

The correct tire pressure can be found in the motorcycle owner’s manual, the tire documentation or in the technical data tables available on the Internet. Be careful when driving for the first time after winter! The tires lose pressure during the free time. You should not accelerate fully in this condition!
Important for Enduro and Scrambler owners: Heavy-duty tires with DOT 2018 may only be ridden if the speed index of the machine and tires match. Tires with an M+S code can be used until 2024 if they have a DOT number from 2017.

Motorbike repair: you can do it yourself, you can’t

The extent to which you can repair your motorcycle yourself depends on your ability. The rule of thumb is: a layman can change spark plugs without any problems. If you want to repair the steering head bearing, you should know what you are doing.
Specialist dealers carry the right motorcycle parts. In addition to motorcycle workshops and dealers, these include outfitters such as Polo and Louis. Specialists such as the Hamburg company Matthies are also a good address for parts.
Pink motorcycle flop Micah Smith
Large conversion projects should be discussed with an expert if possible.

If you want to convert your favorite two-wheeler, installing parts with an existing operating permit (ABE) makes sense. For larger projects, it is worth consulting an expert or appraiser.

The right motorcycle workshop/dealer

Sooner or later, anyone who drives or wants to drive a motorcycle will be looking for a dealer or workshop. It doesn’t matter whether it’s an authorized dealer or a gravel yard with used machines, a repair center licensed by the manufacturer or a self-help workshop.

The internet has advice. If you already have contacts in the motorcycle scene, you can ask around there. In self-help workshops, lifting platforms can be rented for your own work.

Buy and sell motorcycles

When buying or selling a motorcycle, the same rules apply as when buying a car. Especially when it comes to a used vehicle. It is worthwhile for sellers to refurbish the bike before advertising it.

Therefore, as a buyer, you should not be blinded by freshly polished paintwork. Checking the papers, HU reports and invoices is standard. The same applies to an extensive test drive and the conclusion of a purchase contract including all legal safeguards. An expert opinion is recommended!
If there is no such expert in the family or circle of friends, TÜV, DEKRA and Co are on hand with advice and action.

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