Motorcycle tour schedule with the AUTO BILD Checklist

If you are well prepared for the big summer motorcycle tour, you will arrive safer and better. The first thing to do is plan the route. Route planners and a navigation app help with this. But more importantly, the machine should be checked before the start of the trip, this saves worries and avoids breakdown stops.

Motorcyclists need that

When was the last inspection? If you want to cover several hundred kilometers in the saddle, you should start your journey with a fresh oil change and working lights. The condition of the tires is just as important. Have the tires have enough tread? Show it still or weather damage? If so, the exchange worthwhile. This is particularly important for enduro riders when they are off-road.
motorcycle bag

A tank bag is just the right place for papers, rainwear, provisions, a cell phone and a map.

These tricks will help when loading the bikes

Irrespective of the luggage system: Both sides of the machine should be loaded evenly. Heavy objects are down. Bulky and fragile baggage, for example, bought on holiday in Italy, delicious bottle of wine, should be transported to the body in any way. For them, there is the bottom of the trunk space, not in the backpack. Since energy bars, papers, raincoat and the first-aid kit fit in. In short, everything you would have at a brief stop as quickly as possible at hand.
motorcycle lighting

A check of the lighting makes sense. Bulbs burn out whenever you do not expect it.

Pay more attention when visiting a petrol station abroad. The fuel does not have the same name everywhere in Europe and the fuel quality is not the same everywhere on the other side of Europe. More information: Motorcycle Navis compared

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