Mouth caps on more often | Special job: game maker | And who pays for tackling climate change?

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We have to wear our mouth caps more often and working from home is (partly) back. From Saturday you have to wear a mouth cap again in the supermarket. The corona proof is also being used more widely: from now on you must also have a QR code scanned on the terrace. Staff in the catering industry must show a QR code, which may be extended to, for example, healthcare. We list all the new measures.

Escape Room, Poo Game, Who’s the Dude and Give Grandma a Kiss. They were invented by the board game creators of the Rotterdam based Identity Games. In our Special Jobs series, Jan-Maurits Duparc explains how they do this. And how he became a game maker after studying Law.

More clean energy, climate-friendly agriculture. During the UN climate summit, the bobo’s meet about these kinds of measures. But who pays for tackling climate change? That’s what the meeting tigers are talking about today.

Today is the second day of the interest rate meeting of the Federal Reserve, the central bank in the US. The interest rate is not expected to be adjusted, but information will be provided about the phasing out of corona support measures.

It’s grade day again. Grab your calculator. BMW, Heijmans, Wolters Kluwer, Zalando, Booking and Lufthansa all open the books for the third quarter.

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This piece was the most shared yesterday: Energy company Enstroga has to pay a penalty of 15,000 euros. The company is unilaterally canceling the contracts of customers with a fixed energy contract because gas prices have risen. An earlier request from the Netherlands Authority for Consumers & Markets to stop this by order of a penalty was ignored. However, the customers are the victims.

We think you should also read this: It’s David versus Goliath. Thanks to the tenacity of a small snack bar in Zeeland, the large American fast food chain Wendy’s cannot establish itself in the Benelux under its own name. The Zeeland snack bar is also called Wendy’s and may keep that name, the court has decided.

And this you may have missed last night: Pay tax on your savings. The detested capital gains tax will come under even more pressure. A weighty advice to the Supreme Court states that the tax violates human rights.

This could come along at the digital coffee machine:

PS For a fairer housing market, the owner-occupied home does not have to go to box 3, say Carola de Groot and Stefan Groot. They argue in favor of gradually increasing the notional rental value.

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