Movies & series now free on Amazon – Freevee launched

From now on you can watch films and series for free with Freevee. Including top productions. That’s what Amazon’s new ad-financed video service offers, and you have to put up with so much advertising.

Amazon has now launched its free streaming service Amazon Freevee in Germany. This allows you to watch selected films and series – including Freevee Originals such as the crime series “Bosch: Legacy” – free of charge, but with advertisements. Amazon wants to massively expand the range of “Originals” on Freevee. Each month, Freevee aims to provide new titles ranging from new originals, to linear channels, to licensed films and series, to offer consumers entertainment across many genres for free.

This link will take you to Amazon Freevee.

On Prime Video, customers can reach Freevee via the “Popular films and series – free with advertising” carousel on the start page. You can filter the offer as you like, for example by genre (e.g. action, anime, historical film, horror, children’s film, war film, music film, western, etc.) or by category (films, series, short films, educational films, reports).

In the next few days, Prime and Non-Prime customers in Germany will be able to access Amazon Freevee via a dedicated app on Fire TV and via the Prime Video apps on all devices or the Prime Video website without the need for a subscription is.

Maximum 9 minutes of advertising per hour

The displayed advertisement cannot be clicked away. The TV series and films cannot be downloaded or purchased as part of Freevee.

In total, Amazon does not want to display more than nine minutes of advertising per hour. That is less than the maximum of twelve minutes per hour that is allowed on advertising-financed TV. Amazon is also trying to increase acceptance for commercial breaks by not allowing commercials to interrupt closed scenes. Instead, the advertising would be placed in a targeted manner by a team. Viewers would also always be able to see when the next commercial was due on the stream’s timeline.

Prime is not a requirement

Although Amazon Freevee also appears under Amazon Prime Video, it does not require a Prime membership, so you can enjoy Freevee even as a non-paying user. For Prime members, however, there could be a side effect: Some films and series that were previously available for free with Prime Video are now being served to Prime members with advertising.

Amazon Freevee is by no means a replacement for Amazon Prime Video, so a Prime membership is still worthwhile.

As usual, you can test Amazon Prime for 30 days free of charge

and then decide whether you want to use the paid subscription.

I subscribed to every streaming service – now I’m broke!

Freevee was previously only available to US and UK users; Anyone trying to access Freevee without an IP address from these two countries was blocked. Freevee evolved from IMDb TV.

There is also one for Freevee

Twitter channel
which keeps you up to date on innovations.

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