Mozilla announces Thunderbird for Android

Mozilla plans to offer its Thunderbird mail program for Android soon. But instead of porting Thunderbird, Mozilla is taking over the well-known and popular app K-9 Mail.

MZLA Technologies Corporation, Mozilla’s Thunderbird mail subsidiary, announced earlier this week that it would acquire the open-source Android app K-9 Mail. This should result in Thunderbird for Android. Mozilla has now apparently found a way to finally be able to offer Thunderbird on smartphones and tablets. Developers don’t have to start from scratch or port bulky Thunderbird code to Android.

As MZLA announces, they have been in talks with Christian Ketterer, the main person responsible for the K-9 mail project, for a long time. Ketterer (aka “cketti”) is already working full-time for the Thunderbird team. However, the development team still has some work to do before K-9 Mail can finally become Thunderbird Mobile. K-9 should initially gradually get the functionality and look of Thunderbird.

This includes automatic configuration of mail accounts, improved folder management, message filters and synchronization of data between Thunderbird for desktop systems and the Android version, also for previous K-9 users. Firefox Sync is to be used for the latter from summer 2023. A Thunderbird version for iOS is already being considered.

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It is not yet known when that will finally happen. If you want to discuss the future of the mobile mail app with the Thunderbird team, you can

today from 7 p.m

on Twitter (via

) the opportunity. Donations are always welcome – Mozilla is a foundation, Thunderbird and K-9 Mail are open source projects.

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