MSI confirms release of Ryzen 7000 on September 15th

From September 15, 2022, manufacturer MSI wants to put its boards for AMD’s Ryzen 7000 CPUs on the market.

For a long time it was unclear when AMD wanted to launch its new Ryzen 7000 processors based on Zen 4. Now the manufacturer MSI is providing a specific date: The company wants to offer its X670 mainboards for the new CPUs for sale from September 15th. The Ryzen 7000 CPUs from AMD should also be available on this day.

Unveiling on August 29th

AMD had kept a low profile so far. The official announcement of the new processors is expected on August 29th. On this day, the exact specifications, models and prices of the Ryzen 7000 processors will be revealed. Two weeks later, the chips should then come on the market. The big manufacturers want to make suitable mainboards available by then. MSI alone is planning to release four new mainboards, specifically the MEG X670E GODLIKE, MEG X670E Ace, MPG X670E Carbon WiFI and PRO X670E-P WIFI boards.

competition with Intel

MSI wants to provide information on their prices, overclocking options and RAM connection shortly before the start of sales. Mainboards with the cheaper B650 chipset are also in the works at MSI, but they will be presented at a later date. According to the manufacturer, the mainboards with the X670E chipset should offer better heatsinks for heat dissipation, screwless M.2 connections and active cooling for the SSD. There is also a USB-C socket with up to 60 watts. It remains exciting to see which models of the Ryzen 7000 processors AMD will present in a few weeks. In addition, it remains to be seen to what extent these Zen 4 chips can compete with current and future CPUs from Intel.

Ryzen 7000: With up to 24 cores and 5.4 GHz boost

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