‘Much interest’ in film adaptation of the much-discussed book Lale Gül

She calls it unique that there will be a series or film: “There is no series or film worldwide with a main character with a headscarf who has a non-Muslim friend and does everything that is not allowed”, she said. According to her, this is because the topic is said to be too controversial.

The author is in conversation with five interested parties. “I haven’t made a decision yet,” she says. “I don’t know what is the best way to present my story.” The writer also does not yet know whether she wants to be involved in the production.

I’m going to live appeared earlier this year. Lale received a lot of praise, but was also threatened by Islamic circles for criticizing the Turkish and Islamic traditions with which she grew up. The book is about a young woman who breaks free from a strict Islamic environment. Lale has been nominated for the Pim Fortuyn Prize because of her debut novel.


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