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‘Mulan’ has been criticized for filming around child-rearing camps

The Disney Movie Mulan gets a lot of comment from human rights activists. They want to boycott the film because it cooperated with a Chinese security agency that was involved in illegal detentions of Muslim Uyghurs and other ethnic minorities.

This is about the Turpan Municipal Bureau of Public Security. Last year, they were sanctioned by the US Department of Commerce. That sanction came because they set up re-education camps in Xinjiang.

Education camps

Other propaganda departments that denied these camps are also thanked in the credits. Adrian Zenz, researches Xinjiang and Tibet, does not agree. “Imagine parts of a global blockbuster being filmed near minority villages,” the researcher said on Twitter. “When government teams go door to door asking questions, followed by mass internment by the police. Global capitalist exploitation at its best. Think about it seriously. ”

The events cause a lot of commotion on Twitter. In addition to Zenz, there are several academics and fans expressing their concerns. Specialist Shawn Zhang also had reservations. “It was filmed in Turpan in 2018, the culmination of the re-education campaign. How many thousands of Uyghurs were put in camps by the Turpan Bureau of Public Security when they filmed Mulan there? ”


Earlier fans were outraged that their favorite dragon Mushu was no longer seen in the film. But director Niki Caro had a good explanation for that. She wanted the movie to seem real. So no talking dragons as guardian angels.

But Caro does have a substitute for Mushu. A phoenix will assume the role of protector. Disney made Mulan a lot more realistic than the original version from 1998. Therefore it is now darker and not suitable for children.


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