Mullen becomes electric car manufacturer again

Based in California, Mullen Technologies signed an agreement at the end of 2018 with the Chinese Qiantu Motor to produce in the United States and sell under license electric vehicles.

Pre-orders for its MX-05 SUV started on October 1 for a $ 100 entry ticket. But it is a mass contract that should ensure the company the sustainability of its status as a manufacturer.

At the end of September 2020, Mullen Technologies hoped to build around 1,000 copies per year of its crossover, with deliveries starting in Q2 2022.

Unlimited Electrical Contractors is a large Florida company specializing in electrical installations for commercial and residential buildings. It has decided to become the first in its industry to have a service fleet made up entirely of EVs.

For an estimated amount of 75 million dollars, UEC has just sent Mullen a letter of intent to acquire a first tranche of 1,500 copies of the MX-05. Up to 8,500 additional units would follow to be delivered by 2025.

This prospect of 10,000 electric vehicles to be supplied in 4 years, added to the orders of private motorists, shatters the production figures forecast by the manufacturer.

A quick calculation puts the price of the machine at $ 50,000 for UEC, or about 40,000 euros. Against this discounted rate of 10% compared to the public price, the MX-05 promises a range of around 525 km, a top speed of 250 km / h, and just over 3.2 seconds to bring down the 0-100 km / h. The officially communicated characteristics end there.

Specialized a few years ago in the sale of electric quadricycles, Mullen Technologies already tried unsuccessfully to build a connected car in 2017, with the Mullen 700e. Since then, its sporty Dragonfly K50 has allowed the brand’s projects to be considered more seriously.


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