Municipal tax up | TVL counter open | Food exports to UK fall

Parents, keep your children indoors. The Christmas holidays started a week earlier for the ‘virus factories’ of the primary school. Most fear that this will not provide the much-needed rest for parents. The children should stay at home as much as possible.

Life just got a little more expensive. The well-known municipal taxes (ozb, waste, sewer) will – surprisingly – increase again in 2022. However, the differences between municipalities are quite large.

Attention entrepreneurs with loss of turnover. The counter for an allowance for fixed costs is open from 08.00. Companies with at least 30 percent loss of turnover in this quarter are allowed to report.

Waiting at the border. For Dutch exporters of fruit, vegetables, meat and dairy, Brexit also means waiting longer at the border. Not so useful for fresh and perishable goods, as is apparent from the rapidly declining export figures.

The fifth vaccine. Medicines inspector EMA makes a judgment in Amsterdam about the long-awaited corona vaccine from biotech company Novavax. That protein vaccine should become the fifth vaccine after Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca and Janssen. Brussels already has an order for 200 injections.

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This piece was the most shared this weekend: Self-employed people will have a harder time with the new cabinet. The self-employed deduction will be phased out more quickly and taking out disability insurance will be compulsory.

We think you should also read this: Many homeowners will breathe a sigh of relief: the mortgage interest deduction will not be phased out any faster. But wasn’t that faster phasing out a condition for European corona support? Can we forget it now?

And this you may have missed this weekend: You can hardly have missed it, but still. A strict lockdown has been in place since 5 a.m. on Sunday. All measures in a row.

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ps We are furious when large companies in the Netherlands hardly pay any tax. But we can have that from racing hero Max Verstappen. He lives in Monaco, where the fiscal sun shines.

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