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Musician so over the moon after prick that he gives a concert at prick location

One sends a card to say thank you for something, another goes for a bunch of tulips. But it can also be done in kind, as the musician will do.

Composer and pianist Laurens van Rooyen is so “overcome by emotions of gratitude” now that he has had his first corona prick that he will give a piano concert on Thursday morning at a vaccination location in Leiden. The Red Cross reports this.


“What struck me was that everyone was so involved with each other, I felt an enormous togetherness at the vaccination location where I was,” says Van Rooyen, who writes on his website that he once won a Golden Harp and is the son of a grocer. ,

With the concert he wants to thank and further stimulate all the vaccination forces of GGD and The Red Cross. “Together we make one front against corona,” says the musician.

Together with the composer of Tiësto

The now 85-year-old Van Rooyen has made the music for ten films and has collaborated with Herman van Veen, Jan Akkerman, Louis van Dijk, Tonny Eyk and Pim Jacobs, among others. His founderg Imaginary Landscapes produced Dance Opera, a co-production with the composer of Tiësto. Van Rooyen made about 45 CDs and on days like 14 February people post songs from him.


The location in Leiden is not the place where Van Rooyen himself was punctured, says The Red Cross, but it is “as big as a football field” and therefore well suited for a concert where the audience has to keep 1.5 meters apart.

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Musician so over the moon after prick that he gives a concert at prick location


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