Musk back in Germany: Jet photographed by Tesla boss over Giga Berlin

He will now come more often, said Tesla CEO Elon Musk during his week-long tour of Germany this summer, and since then he has actually visited the Gigafactory near Berlin again and met with Brandenburg’s Minister of Economic Affairs, Jörg Steinbach, among others. Last week, the Axel Springer publishing house announced that the Tesla boss would return to Germany at the beginning of December for an honor. And on Monday his private plane was spotted and photographed in the sky over Giga Berlin.

Tesla boss about Gigafactory neighboring town

As with the most recent visit, Musk seems to have several appointments in Germany or Europe on his current trip – at the beginning of November he flew from Berlin to Sweden, where he is said to have been a guest at a party. In order to be in Berlin in time for the presentation of the Axel Springer Award with a multimedia evening on his Mars plans, he would have had to start the nine-hour flight on Tuesday morning, German time. But already on Monday night, a Twitter account, which is keeping an eye on Musk’s Gulfstream jet, reported its departure from Austin in the US state of Texas.

The Tesla boss arrived (assuming he was in the jet) on Monday morning at the new capital city airport in Berlin, which has been in partial operation since the end of October. On the way there, he prepared a special moment for a local observer of the Gigafactory building in Grünheide: From his home town of Erkner, only a few kilometers from the construction site and from the new airport, @tobilindh discovered the project, who has been involved in the project intensively since its start on Twitter accompanied the Musk aviator in the sky.

And so, for a change, @tobilindh did not publish drone videos or pictures of the Giga construction site on Tuesday at around 10 a.m., but photos of an aircraft taken from the ground. “I just saw Elon Musk’s jet on the way to Berlin Airport over my hometown,” he wrote. As a screenshot of the flight route shows, it actually led directly over the town of Erkner next to Grünheide, which @tobilindh specifies as his place of residence.

Musk visits Giga Berlin again

Musk will visit the Gigafactory construction site again, the mostly well-informed observer confirms an obvious assumption when asked without giving any sources. The last time he was there at the beginning of November, the Tesla boss said he wanted to personally get to know candidates for a team of 25 top engineers put together to solve the most difficult problems. At the moment he should also be interested in obtaining advance approval from the state of Brandenburg for the installation of machines in the gigafactory building, which is almost finished on the outside, which was applied for in September.


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