Musk: Tesla Cybertruck can swim – even in the sea

With the Tesla Cybertruck you should be able to cross rivers and lakes and even drive across the sea. Musk claims so.

The Tesla Cybertruck is far from available, a date for the market launch has not yet been set, Tesla only roughly names the first quarter of 2023 as a possible date for starting mass production. But Elon Musk knows how to keep interest in Tesla’s first electric pickup alive.

Because in one

Musk has now tweeted that
that the Cybertruck can temporarily float: The “Cybertruck will be watertight enough to temporarily serve as a boat, allowing it to cross rivers, lakes and even seas that are not too choppy/choppy.”

Floating cars are by no means something new. The Schwimmwagen of the German Wehrmacht was a suitably modified Kübelwagen (which in turn was based on the KDF-Wagen and thus on the passenger car later known as the “VW Beetle”) with a watertight sheet steel hull and rear propeller, of which more than 14,000 were built during the Second World War. In the 1960s, the Amphicar 770, an amphibious vehicle for civilian use, was introduced. But basically cars and pickups are not buoyant, so the Tesla Cybertruck would actually offer an unusual feature if you could actually cross rivers and lakes and even sail across the sea with it.

This is what we know so far about the Cybertruck

There was an embarrassing glitch at the presentation of the Tesla Cybertruck: the actually indestructible glass broke. Musk later explained the glitch that way. The Cybertruck will have a maximum of four electric motors and will be able to move at an angle like a crab. And it may not have door handles, but it does have giant windscreen wipers. Curious: Elon Musk has even caused a first small accident with a prototype of the Cybertruck.

Tesla Cybertruck presented in the video

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