Musk: Tesla gets Formula 1 box technology –

Techniques of the Formula 1 pit teams are to be used at Tesla. That’s what Elon Musk promises. But many questions remain unanswered.

Boxing technology from Formula 1_racing will soon be used at Tesla. So that the service can be completed in just one hour. The Tesla boss announced this via Twitter (where else?). Elon Musk

: “We look forward to working with Tesla Service to provide service within the hour as often as possible! Applying techniques used by Formula 1 pit crews to Teslas.”

Musk doesn’t explain exactly what he means by “service,” though. Only the regular inspections or also certain minor repairs? Since with an electric car there is no need to change the oil and oil filter or visually check for leaks in the oil circuit and fuel system, the inspection should probably be completed in an hour with a little training.

But Musk is hardly planning a wheel change à la Formula 1: As soon as the Tesla owner drives his vehicle to the workshop, a mechanic rushes to each wheel and changes the wheel… On the contrary, Musk leaves completely open in his tweet what he specifically wants under the “Formula 1 pit crew techniques”.

The news portal, which specializes in electric car topics, reports that Musk wants Tesla employees to be able to complete two-thirds of the planned service appointments within one day. Musk wants to build larger service centers and specialize his employees better. In each of the new service centers there should be service bays for specific services. Ecomento speculates that Musk will initially only introduce and test this new service concept in the United States.

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