Musk: Tesla Model Y does not come with a small battery – but an economical version with a long range

Over the weekend, Tesla in North America saw noticeable price reductions for the Model Y, and CEO Elon Musk also spoke up on Sunday – and provided more information on model politics and ranges for the Tesla crossover for the curious. For example, he canceled the basic version with a smaller battery and rear-wheel drive, as previously provided for the Model 3, but confirmed an efficient Model Y with a pure rear-wheel drive and a range of “well over 300 miles” with one charge.

Tesla Model Y as a savings variant

This variant of the Tesla Model 3 was also available for a while, but was then removed from the program; from the Gigafactory in China, the Model 3 has recently been available as a variant with maximum range and rear-wheel drive (LR RWD). On the local website, its range is given as high 668 kilometers, but it is based on the old NEDC standard, which is considered mild compared to EPA in the USA and also WLTP in Europe.

But even according to US standards, the Tesla Model Y with a single motor according to Musk’s new data will have a range of “significantly” over 300 miles (a good 480 kilometers). Tests are currently underway and Tesla will launch the model “in a few months”. The CEO named the price region as $ 45,000, which would be $ 5,000 less than the four-wheel drive variant after the price cut at the weekend.

For Germany, a similar difference would mean that the Tesla Model Y would be available from 54,000 euros. However, unlike in the United States, its price has not yet been reduced in Europe, and at least until the end of 2021, German buyers can still expect a substantial environmental premium as a government subsidy.

Tesla boss relies on reach

However, it will not be cheaper to get the electric crossover than with the Tesla Model Y LR RWD, as CEO Musk also showed. “The range would be unacceptably short,” he replied when asked by a Twitter user why the variant with a smaller battery could no longer be found on the Tesla website. With a smaller battery (in Model 3 just over 50 kilowatt hours), Model Y would travel less than 250 miles (around 400 kilometers) according to EPA, Musk wrote. That would still be more than most other electric cars according to the US standard – but apparently not enough for a Tesla.


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