Musk: Tesla Roadster gets a hidden rocket nozzle – “as complete as James Bond”

It will probably take at least until 2022 for the new Tesla Roadster to hit the streets. But that doesn’t stop CEO Elon Musk from continuing to speak enthusiastically about the electric sports car, which, according to earlier statements by him, is supposed to “crush” any combustion competition. Next week, the Tesla boss will be shown in the auto show Jay Leno’s Garage, which included the Roadster. And the station CNBC has now released another bite from it, which is not completely new, but still makes you hungry.

Agent-style Tesla Roadster

At the beginning, the moderator Leno appears somewhat ignorant in conversation with Musk about the roadster: When he hears that the extra-fast Tesla should also be available with SpaceX rocket engines, he opens his eyes in disbelief – while Musk was already in the middle Talked about it for the first time in 2018 and has repeated it since then. He now assured Leno that this was serious. Musk reaffirmed that the Roadster was given nozzles from which ultra-high compressed air is expelled, so-called cold gas engines.

That doesn’t sound as hot as the broader but correct English expression “rocket thrusters” that the Tesla boss used, but it is nevertheless. Because the SpaceX thrusters – Musk used to specify their number once with ten – are not supposed to be attached to the roadster somehow, but hidden in the 007 style. In any case, that applies to the main nozzle, Musk said at Leno, thus also confirming an earlier statement. And he went into detail for the first time: “The main nozzle will be hidden behind the license plate. It flips down to accelerate, and behind it is the rocket nozzle – complete, so to speak, like James Bond, ”says Musk, beaming in the CNBC cutout.

Roadster after Tesla Semi / Cybertruck

The fact that Musk spoke of a main nozzle is also a confirmation that there should not be only one, as he was accustomed to say about the license plate flap according to earlier statements. It is therefore clear that the SpaceX rocket technology should not only help the Ultra-Tesla to accelerate with thrust at the rear, but also with nozzles at other points, for example when adhering to the ground, which promises faster starts and turns.

Nevertheless, the Tesla CEO and the rest of the world will have to wait a little longer for the rocket electric car: Musk has only recently confirmed that the Model Y projects from China and Germany, Tesla Semi and Cybertruck are on the road, the latter until the end 2021.


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