Mustang, F-Type, TTS: 10 used sports cars under 35,000 euros

10 used athletes at a golf price!

Emotion instead of boredom: These 10 athletes are hellishly fun, but they only cost as much as a well-equipped compact car.

Sports cars are only for the wealthy? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! Some dreams on four wheels become affordable after a while. After about four years some cars from the 70,000-euro league only cost as much as one neatly equipped compact car off the shelf. For just over 30,000 euros you get already real fun makers.

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Sporty two-door hatchback Jaguar F-Type or Audi TTS Offer genuine driving pleasure, high reserves of strength and a sleek look. So they represent a successful escape from monotonous everyday life. Of course you have to Cutbacks in space and suspension comfort put up with. Even so, most of the ten candidates are quite suitable for everyday use. Provided you prefer to take a jaunt on winding country roads at the weekend instead of doing a bulk purchase at Ikea. Thirst and other maintenance costs are also limited for the four-cylinder athletes. So there is not much to be said against the sharp temptation on four wheels. How To Cars shows 10 used sports cars in the gallery up to 35,000 euros!


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