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My divorce cost me an incredible 15,800 euros

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Divorce can be expensive – we all know that. But as a young woman with no children, I never expected my divorce to cost me so much.

My husband and I got married relatively quickly. The romance began in April 2013 and the wedding was already at the end of the same year. I was 21 years old, had just graduated, and had almost nothing but a student loan and a credit card with a limit of 1,695 euros (1,900 US dollars). In March 2014 we moved from North Carolina to Georgia. When I found my first full-time job, I felt I was on the right track financially.

Divorce after a year

Unfortunately, most romances don’t end the way you always see them in the movie. We were young and not strong enough to resolve our differences or to communicate effectively with one another. In June 2014, I finally told him that I was going to get a divorce.

I thought the process would be easy: move out, live legally separated, file for divorce. Since we both had little money, we wanted to file for divorce amicably so we wouldn’t have to pay for lawyers.

At that point we had only been married eight months and had no children. The question of who got the dog we had adopted was still unanswered, but I assumed that we could look after him together as soon as the time came.

What followed was a year of financial turmoil and painful debt decisions I had to make in order to get out of my marriage and start a life of my own.

My divorce cost me almost 15,800 euros – these surprising expenses came my way

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