My first cruise: I experienced these surprises

Captain SophieAbby Narishkin / Insider
Captain Sophie
Abby Narishkin / Insider

I lived in a tent for three months while driving through Australia, tried (with mediocre success) to surf the longest wave in the world in Peru, went through Italy and ski on mountains from the Rockies to the Alps hazards. I’ve been on planes, trains, buses, and cars, but I’ve never boarded a cruise ship.

Until now.

I spent a week in the Caribbean for my reportage. And not on any Cruise ship, but on the largest in the world: the Royal Caribbean’s Symphony of the Seas.

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As an experienced traveler but new to cruise liners, I was very surprised this week.

Here are the things every new passenger should know. But keep in mind that they may only apply to my personal experience on this particular ship.

I went on a cruise for the first time – and these 22 things surprised me

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