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My heart bleeds for the modest entrepreneur Lifestyle

Although I know a lot of chefs and have attended many cooking competitions, I have always had a strange feeling about an economy where so many people are involved in the processing and cooking of products that the grower / farmer / grower of those treats barely heads above can hold water.

And there are so many companies that make my heart bleed. So many restaurants that we will not see again. So many ovens that will go out. The entire deck will be shuffled again. I wish you an incredible amount of strength.

But may I also stand up for the modest people: no, not the big farmers, they know the way, no, the small growers. Let me put it another way, you will cycle your fat bellies in the coming weeks by going to every grower in the area and buying abundantly.

If you know a cheese farmer, buy so much cheese that you cannot carry it. Do you know a vegetable garden, charge your luggage carrier until it is bent. In a month you will only eat cherries from growers you know! Let’s put it this way: you leave everything you see in the fresh department of the super. Okay?

How glad I am that you agree with me like that!


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