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Most beautiful memory

“Namibia and Botswana in 2019. And the Canning Stock Route, an almost 2000 km long track through four deserts in western Australia. It took us three weeks to get back to civilization! ”


“In South Africa as well as in Taiwan, our bank card was never returned from the machine. Result: block card and ask my daughter to deposit money on our second account.

In 2017 we enjoyed the sunset in the Namib desert when the home front called because of the health of our mother (101). We had to abort the trip and 24 hours later we were on the plane home. A bizarre experience! ”

“Our suitcases were in a locked room and nobody knew where the key was”

Lost suitcases

“After being picked up from our hotel in 2001 for an eight-day guided tour from Darwin to Broome, it turned out that there was no room for our suitcases. They would be transported to Broome on the Greyhound bus. On arrival it turned out that our suitcases had been put in a room that was locked. Nobody knew where the key was. We had a beautiful hotel, but we smelled in the wind for an hour. We were allowed to purchase a new outfit that would be reimbursed the next day. Not! Someone who had arranged everything could not be found. ”

Always with you

“Leatherman, camera and video camera.”

Craziest eaten

“Live witchetty grubs, the larva of a moth, from the campfire. They tasted like hazelnuts. An important food source (protein) for the Aborigines. ”

Most beautiful meeting

“A neglected Aboriginal woman who drunk waved an empty bottle and shouted unintelligible language. I approached her carefully and we sat down on a bench. Having a real conversation was impossible given the state she was in. ”


“Long journeys in Europe with our own 4×4 camper.”

Favorite address

“The Gregory Downs camp on the Gregory River in Australia. On a shallow, fast-flowing river (so no crocodiles), surrounded by paperbarks and eucalyptus trees. With a thick rope hanging from the trees, you can let yourself be carried by the current. ”

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