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Most beautiful memory

“Argentina. We visited the Magdalen Islands in the Strait of Magellan by cargo boat, a breeding ground for an estimated 43,000 bird pairs. ”


“The birth of a springbok in Etosha National Park in Namibia. With the umbilical cord still hanging out of the mother, the little one was pushed up so that they could join the herd. ”


“We rented a car in Bogota, Colombia, but it turned out to be the car-free day on that very day, the only one of the year. Only a technician was present at the collection office, but we found a solution with the help of an English-speaking Colombian from another company. Our car was driven on a tow truck and dropped off outside the city so that our tour could still start. As a result, we left much too late, which meant that we had to drive the last part to our destination in the middle of the Tatacoa desert in the pitch dark on a stone-strewn, unpaved road … ”


“At an airport in Colombia I was called to come back. There I was met by a police officer. Next to him was my suitcase, neatly wrapped in plastic. We had done that at the airport as a precaution so that nothing could be put in it. That’s why I was suspected of drug smuggling! I had to unhook and open everything myself, not exactly handy with a small combination lock without your reading glasses and the nerves in your legs. After the contents had been investigated and a drug dog passed fine, I was fortunately allowed to leave.

Separate dinner

“In Tokyo, the restaurant on the 25th floor started shaking during our dinner. The shot waiter calmed us down that we shouldn’t be afraid. It turned out to be aftershocks from the eruption of the Aso volcano. ”

Always with you

“E-reader, camera and LED headlamps.”

Nice meeting

“On the subway to Hiroshima, Japan, my husband gave his seat to a lady. She took two pieces of paper from her bag and folded a crane as a thank you for each of us. It symbolizes peace there. ”

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