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Who: Erieke Kuitert (29), partner at PR agency Dutch Global Media

Most beautiful travel memory

“My most special travel memory is my trip to the FEI World Equestrian Games in 2014. I was flown in by the global Fédération Equestre Internationale to experience the World Equestrian Games and speak to their President, Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein of Jordan. After several screenings, besides CNN and their own FEI-TV, I was the only one who got the opportunity to be with the princess. She was a very warm and sweet woman to speak to and we laughed a lot together. ”

This was drama

“Last year I missed my plane in Barcelona. I was traveling alone and was at the airport in plenty of time. I went here to buy some gifts. About 25 minutes before departure I got to the gate, but it turned out to be already closed and they refused to let me on the plane. I had no idea what to do next, this had never happened to me. In the end I was sent all over the place and had to go back through customs to buy a new ticket. I was lucky that I could fly to Amsterdam the same day. This time I was at the front of the gate, but on this second flight passengers could board up to 5 minutes before the departure time! ”

Give money

In the center of Marrakech, at the famous Djemaa el Fna square, all the vendors rush towards you and the women take your hands to smear henna on them. Fortunately, I was able to get used to it quickly and if you do not respond to it, they leave you fairly alone. There was also a man walking with us who was playing a very annoying sound on a musical instrument. The idea was that instead of giving him money to play, you give him money to quit. Which he finally succeeded in. ”

Ultimate vacation gadget

“The Skiboot Butler. Ideal for avid skiers. When I take a piece of off-piste or go hard on the black slopes, I want my ski boots to be extra tight so that my skis can move as much as possible. I put this gadget in my inner pocket, so that if my fingers are numb and without having to take off my leather gloves, I can easily open and close my bindings. ”

This always lasts

“A cocktail dress and a clutch, you never know when you will suddenly be standing next to a princess.”

Craziest ever eaten

“White caviar, the eggs of the rare albino sturgeon. This rarity makes it one of the most expensive foods in the world. It tasted very soft and buttery. ”

I still dream of

“Seeing the Northern Lights. In 2024, after 11 years, there will finally be a peak again in terms of solar activities that cause this phenomenon, so that year I will go for it! ”

Most memorable vacation love

Actor Simon Baker (seen in The Devil Wears Prada and The Mentalist, among others), in my dreams we were already married but in reality it did not get further than a cozy gala dinner where he nicknamed me Grace Kelly.

Favorite address

“The monumental farm of my in-laws in South Limburg. During the lockdown we camped here for almost 2 months. My father-in-law is the epitome of the fact that Limburgers are real Burgundians. It’s all about good food and drink. He even built his own Italian restaurant and bar on his farm for private use. And when you have that inevitable hangover, you dive into his spa with sauna the next morning. For a walk you walk directly into the forest or the fields and on top of the hill next to it is a hidden castle where you can enjoy a drink. The disadvantage is that you sometimes have no telephone coverage between the thick walls of the farm, but this can also be seen as an advantage. ”

Most overrated

“The crudites of Le Club 55 in St. Tropez. The beach club is fantastic, with a view of the gigantic yachts anchored, the owners of which are now sitting next to you for lunch. The women don’t know ages, although they all look alike now. But when we arrive there is a large platter on the table with a raw cauliflower, a fennel, a bunch of radishes, some forgotten vegetables and a raw mushroom. And as it turned out, if you took 1 radish from it, you could pay the € 120 bowl. But for many of their guests that is a piece of cake. ”

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