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my life has been enriched by coronavirus

The corona virus has many nasty side effects. For example, many people get sick, people have lost their jobs and we can do less in almost every respect. Still, American actor Matthew McConaughey says it has enriched his life.

The actor has been in quarantine with his family for a long time since the corona virus made its appearance in the US. He, his wife Camila Alves, their three children Levi (12), Vida (10), Livingston (8) and his mother Mary Kathlene (88) live together under one roof. In a Facebook Watch special, McConaughey said he was “very grateful for this time with his family.”

The 51-year-old actor appeared in the special on the social medium today, and already lifted a tip of the veil in a preview. “What a year we have all had, this is unprecedented. My theory for getting through tough times is to try to put things into perspective, no matter how difficult that may be. Some things you just can’t change, so you better be at peace with that, ”said Matthew.

“Built a special bond”

“My 88-year-old mother moved in with us when we had to go into quarantine and she has been living with us for seven months now. Seeing her with her three grandchildren every day is something that she and I will never forget, ”McConaughey says of the situation.

“And for the children it is very special to have their grandmother with them all the time, they have built up a very special bond with her. This would never have happened had it not been for a pandemic, so I am grateful for that. In that respect I can say that the corona virus has enriched my life. ”

Matthew also said he hoped that when things get “a little bit normal” again, people will still stick to certain “corona things.” “People have preferred to get together and pay more attention to each other. That is nice to see. Let’s hold on to that. ”

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Matthew McConaughey: My life has been enriched by coronavirus


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