‘My mission is to get more people investing’

Investment product provider Van Eck is one of the four partners of Bulls & Bears. The American family business (with Dutch origin) has four actively managed funds, but ETFs and ETNs (Exchange Traded Note) are their main products. “There are currently only two of those ETNs,” says Head of Europe at Van Eck Martijn Rozemuller, “but there will be more before the end of this year. So this will certainly be discussed in Bulls & Bears.”

Transfer knowledge

It is both Rozemuller’s personal mission and that of the Van Eck company to get more people into investing. Rozemuller: “But in a safe way and with sufficient knowledge. Many people don’t dare to start investing now because they know too little about it, which is a shame.” The partly educational character of Bulls & Bears is therefore what immediately appealed to Rozemuller. “When it was still possible and allowed, we regularly gave master classes about EFTs, mainly aimed at the retail investor. Due to corona, these kinds of physical events are of course not possible now, but with Bulls & Bears we hope to be able to transfer our knowledge.”

Personal approach

According to Rozemuller, their personal approach and attention to the customer is what distinguishes Van Eck from other providers of investment products. “While they often want to make a big profit as quickly as possible, we as a family business have a much more long-term strategy. We want our customers to feel heard and, above all, that they know what they are doing. We have a wide range of products, but there are also plenty of products that you can confidently sell to your grandmother, which is important to us.”

Bulls & Bears

Bulls & Bears is a new investor program on RTL Z and RTL 7. In the weekly talk show, different experts in the field of the stock market, investing and crypto currency join each episode. Rozemuller will join in four of the eight episodes of Bulls & Bears. Rozemuller’s colleague Thomas Pieter Francken will also join the Crypto Corner a number of times. Bulls & Bears can be seen every Saturday at 2 p.m. on RTL Z and every Sunday at 10 a.m. on RTL 7.

Want to know more about Van Eck? Go to the website for more information and an overview of all their products.

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