Mysterious model: Mercedes-AMG Coupé with G-63 front

What’s in store for us? Mercedes-AMG has published several teasers on Instagram over the past few days – they show a mysterious model that was created in collaboration with musician and artist!

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Mercedes-AMG presented as a brand ambassador back in September 2021. Under the slogan “Everything but quiet”, William James Adams Jr., as is called by his full name, presented the 843 hp Mercedes-AMG GT 63 SE Performance in a 60-second film.

Now the collaboration seems to have been taken to the next level: the rapper apparently created his own car for Mercedes-AMG!

Based on the AMG GT 63 S?

The proportions are classic – long hood, short tail and a tapered roofline. An illuminated (Panamericana) radiator grille can also be seen. Below that is the premiere date “5.5.22”.

Just one day later, Mercedes-AMG released the next teaser. The car can be seen briefly in a sombre video. The rear and the narrow taillights are reminiscent of the AMG GT 4-door.
However, there is one fundamental difference: instead of four doors, the big coupe has two rear-hinged suicide doors – just like the Rolls-Royce Wraith. The AMG monobloc rims could be another reference to the GT 4-door.

An AMG coupe with a G-63 front

The most recent image was uploaded on May 1st, 2022 and shows parts of the front which is very distinctive. It seems as if the angular front mask of a G 63 has been adapted to the coupe, which looks very unusual on the dark teaser.
Unfortunately, there is no official information about the vehicle yet. However, it can be assumed that the coupe is a study that will not go into series production. The Mercedes-AMG GT 63 SE Performance could certainly serve as a basis. We will find out more details by May 5, 2022 at the latest!

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