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Myth or fact: do wasps really attracted to sweet perfume?

It is well known that wasps are attracted to sweets. Whether this is food, drink or rotting fruit. When the wasps look for that sweet treat, it means that the wasp nests are fully grown and the queens and males are about to fledge. For the living workers, the most important task is now over. They no longer need to feed the larvae with insects.

But… they miss their sweet treats from that moment on. In exchange for the insects, the workers always receive a “reward” from the larvae in the form of a sweet substance that the larvae excrete. Now that they don’t get this anymore, they have to look elsewhere for their sweet treats. So… they go en masse to terraces, gardens, campsites, amusement parks and other busy places, especially around August, in search of sweets.

Wasps love perfume?

Are wasps therefore attracted to the sweet scent of perfume (and deodorant etcetera), even though they cannot eat it? Hell yes. The strong scent of perfume perceives a wasp as “alien”, which confuses it. This allows the stabbing beast to react strongly and even provoke a possible attack.

In short: it is better to avoid a strong scented perfume if you go out into nature or go to places where many wasps are nearby.


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