Naked Energy latest victim of high energy prices

Naked Energy ran into trouble due to another bankruptcy in the energy sector. The company purchased energy from Energie I&V, also known as Anode Energie.

More energy suppliers in trouble

That company already filed for bankruptcy at the beginning of December because of the sharply increased market prices for gas and electricity and warned that more companies would get into trouble.

Customers of Naked Energy will still receive gas and electricity and will be placed with a new supplier. The bankruptcy trustee of the company has until January 5 to find another company that is willing to take over the customers. If that is not possible, ACM will intervene and the regulator will divide the customers among energy suppliers.

For customers, bankruptcy can hurt the wallet. If they are forced to switch to a new energy supplier, they will probably have to take out a more expensive contract than they had, given the current record prices for gas and electricity.

Anode Energie purchased energy for several small energy suppliers. Previously, SEPA Green Energy collapsed due to the bankruptcy of this buyer.

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