Narita Boy: Swing the techno sword from March 30th

Team17 turns back time … once again to the 80s. Together with Studio Koba, Publisher Team17 has now announced the specific release date for the techno adventure Narita Boy. The side-scroller is due to appear on March 30, 2021 for Nintendo Switch, PS4 (also PS5-compatible), PCs and Xbox One (also series-compatible). Narita Boy is also already available for release in Xbox Game Pass.

You take over in Narita boy the role of the digital warrior of the same name, who was chosen to carry the techno sword. This legendary weapon can transform itself into a shotgun or a laser beam at any time and is suitable for close and long-range combat. With the techno sword and with the help of the motherboard, leader of the Digital Kingdom, you take on corrupt enemies and huge bosses. Your goal is to fend off the intruding malicious code.

Why is the game coming soon? Narita Boy was already funded by more than 5,000 supporters at Kickstarter in 2017 with 160,000 euros and has been in development since then. The stretch goals for consoles were actually missed – but now Publisher Team17 is on hand.

A new trailer for Narita Boy:

Images: Narita Boy, Team17, Studio Koba


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