NASA shares impressive images of rover Perseverance landing on Mars

Mars rover Perseverance has been on the surface of Mars since Thursday after a journey of seven months and a very exciting landing. The American space agency NASA has now shared a beautiful video of that last feat.

Those interested in space travel sat on Thursday evening at 10 p.m. Belgian time and watched the landing of the Mars rover Perseverance on the red planet. Everyone was very relieved when it turned out that the landing had been successful.

Shortly afterwards, we were rewarded with a first blurred, black and white photo of Mars. Meanwhile, the robber is also able to just take the first audio recordings from Mars to capture. During its short stay on Mars, Perseverance has already collected 30 gigabytes of data, including 23,000 photos from the descent. Some of those photos can be found unedited on the NASA website.

Unique images

In addition, the space agency also used all those unique images to edit a beautiful video of the landing of Perseverance.

In between these beautiful images, you can hear the NASA engineers anxiously waiting to see if their life’s work will land softly and her (for most NASA employees the rover is female) work can begin. That work consists of looking for indications that there was once life on Mars.

Watch Perseverance landing on Mars


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