Nasty mail threatens Sparkasse customers with account blocking – that’s what’s behind it

In an email, Sparkasse customers are threatened with an account blocking. That’s behind this scam.

Sparkasse customers are informed in an email about the introduction of an allegedly new security system called Sparkasse Fingerprint System (SKFS). The recipients should agree to the use of SKFS, otherwise their account could be blocked.

Important to know: It is about

a phishing email,

used by online scammers to encourage users to click the “Confirm” button. This is how they want to get sensitive customer data.

That’s what the phishing email is about

As the consumer advice center warns, the phishing emails have subject lines such as

“We’re changing our process”

“Important message”,

“Important change” or

“Important notice about your account”.

The e-mail explains to the recipients that the introduction of the “Sparkassen Fingerprint System” (SFKS for short) is intended to increase the security of the savings bank accounts because unauthorized login attempts could be prevented with it.

“This is a new technology that has been used, which our specialists have been examining for many years. We, as the Sparkasse’s IT department, want to make the changes as quickly as possible,” the email says.

To do this, the Sparkasse customer should finally activate this new security function by clicking on the “For confirmation” button. During activation, there is also a manual check of the “entered information by our bank employees from the customer department”. This verification cannot be bypassed and otherwise “certain functions of your online access would be temporarily restricted for security reasons”.

The phishing email looks like this – or something similar:

This phishing email threatens Sparkasse customers with their accounts being blocked


This phishing email threatens Sparkasse customers with their accounts being blocked

© Consumer Center

Our recommendation: Ignore and delete the mail

The entire content of the email is fictitious by the online scammers. They want to get sensitive information from Sparkasse customers in order to then misuse it for other purposes.

Anyone who receives such an email about the alleged introduction of SKFS should simply ignore and delete it. Under no circumstances should the links contained in the emails be clicked.

The savings banks ask all users to forward suspicious messages to If necessary, the computer emergency team of the Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe then publishes a security warning on this Sparkassen service page.

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