Nayuta no Kiseki: First commercial for the PlayStation 4 reissue

The action RPG originally released for the PSP in 2012 Nayuta no Kiseki gets a new edition for the PlayStation 4. After the screenshots already shown, there is now a first video with a short commercial.

The 15-second video shows some dramatic scenes from the story, but keeps the first gameplay behind the mountain. Until it is so far in four months, there will certainly still be a few trailers to be seen. If you liked the excerpts, you can take a look at some screenshots here.

The new edition will appear in Japan on June 24th, but there is no talk of a publication in the West so far. In addition to HD graphics, Nayuta no Kiseki for the PlayStation 4 will also offer adjustments to the user interface and new event cutscenes. In addition, 60 FPS and improvements to music and soundtrack are to be introduced.

That’s what it’s about

The story of Nayuta no Kiseki takes you to Remnant Island. While many there believe that the earth is flat and the ocean will simply end one day, protagonist Nayuta Herschel has his doubts. With stargazing as a hobby, he is curious about the world beyond his home island. And why are ruins falling on Remnant Island? He would like to get to the bottom of these questions.

Nayuta no Kiseki does not add “The Legend of Heroes” to the title, because there are no connections to other offshoots in the series. Still, it is considered a trails game.

via Gematsu, images: Nayuta no Kiseki, Falcom


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