nearly 10,000 registrations in July

According to the monthly report published by the CCFA, 9,967 electric cars were registered in France during the month of July.

After a record month of June with nearly 14,000 registrations, the electric car is back to the levels observed before confinement. With 9,967 units sold, electrics represented 5.5% of new passenger vehicle sales in July, a value close to that observed in June (5.8%).

ZOE still in the lead

While we will have to wait until the start of the school year and the publication of the Avere France barometer to know the results of the various models, we already know that the Renault ZOE retains its first place.

With 3,834 registrations recorded, Renault’s city car represented 38% of all registrations in the past month.

Queen of electrics, ZOE accounted for 38% of segment sales in July

Record penetration rate for the plug-in hybrid

With 7,000 units registered, the plug-in hybrid does not beat the volume record observed in June (7,265 registrations). However, the segment’s penetration rate is historic and reached 3.9% in July. This is 0.8 points better than in June.


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